refurbishing a cinema theater in milan

June 2nd, 2006

cinema istria is an old cinema of 1.100 seats distributed on two levels, with a volume of 6.600 cubic meters and an overall floor area of 1.300 square meters. its bearing structure constitutes in a series of reinforced concrete arches supporting the curved roof. a 350 sqm adjecting mezzanine features a series of longitudinal beams bounded to the curved wall opposite of the screen and supported by columns. the cinema, built in the 40′s according to the design of Ing. Mario CavallĂ© and currently occupied by a car dealer, will be refurbished by studiometrico with great care for its original forms and will be used by its future inhabitants as a working place and a recreational space.




[source: Mario Cavallé, Tecnica delle costruzioni di Cinema e Teatri, Gorlich Editore, Milano 1958]

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