ZUM – 4

February 20th, 2011
photo by Iacopo Boccalari

Our last entry about the project ZUM was posted in July 2010, and that’s quite a long while… Nevertheless we have been constantly busy with the development of site works, so we think the time has eventually come to show some progress.
During the past months different persons collaborating with us have been shooting a good deal of photographs.
Take a look at them after the break…

On the  22nd of June Francesca Pozzi came on site. The steel structure of the so-called ‘Block B’, an independent new construction placed on pilotis along the Eastern boundary of the courtyard, had already been completed and workers in white suits were busy painting black the bearing elements that will remain exposed. Demolition works were still going on in ‘Block A’ – the existing building – on the top floor and the old roof had been completely removed.

On the 29th of June the new reinforced concrete beam on top of  the boundary walls of Block A had been completed. Everything was then ready for the installation of the new steel trusses of the roof. The steel frames for fixing the new windows were also ready to be walled up in Block A.

On the 13rd of July, under the most unbearable Milanese heat, Carla Vitali was brave enough to show up on site after noon, climb the scaffolds and shoot these pictures describing the steel trusses being assembled and installed. More progress in Block B is also visible at this time with the completed montage of the outer sandwich panels.

On the 20th of July Francesca Pozzi was back on site and shot some more pictures on Block A second floor as the steel trusses montage continued.

On the 26th of July, when everybody was leaving Milan in search for some shadow, the black structure of the roof was completed and casted its shadows on the second floor surface. The trusses, designed by studiometrico and developed by Ing. Marco Clozza, have been conceived not only to support the roof, but also to carry the weight of the new hanging mezzanines.

After the holiday break – on the 14th of September – the sandwich panels had been placed and the Block A was eventually covered providing some shade to the workers. The hanging mezzanines corrugated iron sheets had been also layed out.

These pictures from the 21st of September show the installed steel structures of the stairs leading to the mezzanines of Block A top floor. To transfer all the weight of the roof structure onto the existing pillars, the mezzanines are hanging from the steel trusses and the stairs are suspended by steel tubular elements.

On the 24th of September Iacopo Boccalari, a talented student and a great handyman that was doing his internship at studiometrico giving an important contribution to our project KOSHO, showed up on site with his camera and its wide angle lens. His photographs render the size and proportions of Block A and Block B interior spaces. Thanks Iacopo! You are really able to provide the right tools in the right moment…

These photographs were shot by Carla Vitali with a beautiful autumn light on the 20th of October and show for the first time the exterior of Block A after the removal of the scaffolds as well as the newly installed galvanized steel structure of Block A’s staircase toward the inner courtyard.

During her last visit on the 22nd of November Francesca Pozzi depicted the progress of Block A: the galvanized steel structure of the stairs, the outdoor corridors and the elevator, the newly assembled sandwich panels façade toward the courtyard and the black framed windows on the street. By that time gypsum boards had already made their appearance on site as demonstrated by few images shot inside Block B.

The completion of this project has been postponed by few months, but we are confident everything will be done before Easter!

Design Team:

Lorenzo Bini
Claudia Brunelli
Michela Fancello

Design Consultant:

Gennaro Postiglione


Marco Clozza (Atelier LC)

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